• Mermaid Rings

From the ethereal, watery depths of our oceans and seas, to the warmest tropical sands and island beaches, Kirkland, Washington artist and “Urban Mermaid,” Christine, gathers her inspiration to meld mythical marine creatures and undersea life into one-of-a-kind wearable and whimsical sea glass art.

Each piece is a decorative artwork that is both mesmerizing to look at and sensually enjoyable. Invite your senses on an undersea odyssey of light shining through blues, greens and earthy sand tones—treasure and art inspired by our oceans and natural ecosystems.

Imagine swimming freely through coral reefs and sunken ships in search of lost treasure, frolicking among humpback whales, witnessing tenacious and tactile octopus tentacles without submerging to 20,000 leagues, and unearthing weather-worn items discovered by wandering mermaids.

Modern Mermaid Musings